Medical Aid Fund


Until recently, the monastery addressed only 75% of patients seeking medical help for the monks who provided medical bills. Thus, each monk could only take a medical examination every three months.

The growing number of residents caused the increased spread of such diseases as colds, stomach ulcer, jaundice and diarrhea.

Also, some monks survived complex heart surgery.

In recent months, the percentage of medical aid went down due to insufficient financing and the growing number of monks who asked for medical treatment. This means that many sick monks will be unable to apply to the hospital, as they cannot afford it.

Donations under this project will be credited to a separate account and used to finance medical treatment of the monks.

We need funds for:

- Purchase of medical equipment

- Monthly medical treatment

- Timely medical aid to patients with serious diseases

- Purchase of up-to-date equipment, such as X-ray, etc.

- Construction of the premises for in-patients

- Preparing traditional Tibetan medicines.


Along with monthly medical examinations, the medical centerat the monastery does many other helpful things, such as:

- inviting specialists to examine student monks;

- medical visits to elderly monks and the care house for Tibetan refugees;

- medical treatment for the cost of medicines only;

- free services of doctors;
- dressing of wounds, ulcers and inflammations;
- helping patients who apply for further medical treatment.