How can you help the monks and Tibetan refugees?

You can:

    We urge all individuals and legal entities to donate funds to support the above mentioned projects.

Please forward any amount of money for the benefit of Ganden monastery.

We will keep all receipts, file them upon your request and make aware all voluntary sponsors of project development. Our monks will pray for your health and wellbeing.


Please do not hesitate to contact us:, if you have any questions related to sponsorship and donations.

Refugee monks from Ganden monastery, South India




 In 1949, People’s Liberation Army of China broke in Tibet. For a dozen years, His Holiness Dalai Lama, a political and spiritual leader of this sovereign state, tried to pursue negotiations for a peaceful settlement with China but to no avail. March 10, 1959, His Holiness had to flee his country. He escaped to India where he immediately established the Tibetan government in exile.

Over 80,000 refugees followed His Holiness. Thousands of Tibetans continued to flee their native country and settle in different places worldwide during the last 55 years. India generously granted them a refugee status to Tibetans and some land to stay. In the meantime, the Chinese communist government keeps destroying Tibet, its culture and environment.

The most menacing is the fact that the government continues relocating the population, so that many of the country’s regions have more Chinese citizens than Tibetans. China makes regular attempts at destroying Buddhist practices. They have ruined over 6,000 Tibetan monasteries and jailed, tortured and executed thousands of Buddhist monks. Allegedly, over 1.2 million Tibetans were killed by Chinese from the start of the invasion.

Tibetans continue to risk their lives to escape from Tibet. Parents send their children to Indian monasteries hoping that there they can get education and study Buddhism. Monks arrive from Tibet penniless in want of bare necessities (bedding, medicines, clothes, books, etc.) and badly needed medical help. Hundreds of people keep coming to Ganden monastery every year. Formerly one of Tibet’s largest, this monastery was destroyed by communists during the Cultural Revolution.

In late 1980s, the monks managed to partially renovate Ganden monastery, but the relics destroyed and maimed by Chinese revolutionary forces (statues, ancient manuscripts, incorruptible relics of lamas and much more) have been forever lost for Tibetan Buddhism.

Today, refugee monks struggle to restore their culture, traditions and ancient knowledge to convey them to the next generations.