Dharma Hall Project     


Gaden Jangtse Hardong Khangtsen is still the smallest and the poorest Khangtsen of Gaden monastery in exile.

The old Hall was built in 1972 when Gaden Monastery was re-established in India.

Dharma halls were built very quickly from the cheapest and poorest qualitaty materials because at this time there was a massive inflow of refugee-monks from Gaden Monastery in Tibet. An important issue arose for the monastery administration: how to place all monks and provide everyone with accommodation and all the things needed. The Tibetan government in exile did not have enough means to provide aid to the monks. Therefore each monastery had to build small praying rooms individually and "with own hands".

For the last 40 years, the number of monks increased and another issue arose: How to place all the monks in the prayer hall.

From that time, the building underwent several reconstructions. But unfortunately it is not possible to maintain it in a usable condition. Walls and ceilings are decaying, small insects have almost completely “eaten away” window frames, ancient thankas, the altar etc. 

Traditionally, monks live in rooms with 2-3 people, where they learn texts and prepare homework. However, to conduct prayer services, a separate room which could hold all the monks, is needed. At the present time, the old prayer hall is in critical condition.

That is why Geshe Lobsang Soepa jointly with Dewatsang Center created the “Dharma Hall” project.





“We organize collection of means for the support of this project. We will be thankful for any contribution.

All funds will be plased in the General Fund of the project and when enough is collected,

we will start its implementation”


 Dewatsang Center




Earlier, when new monks came to Jangtse Hardong Kangtsen, due to lack of space they had to be sent to other Kangtsen of the monastery, which obviously influenced on following the traditions. Now, after successfully finishing the construction of the monastery hostel, which took several years, thanks to your donations and purchase of land plots for a new prayer hall, a hope to recreate traditions and provide monks with all necessary items for Buddhist study and ritual practices has appeared. 




“Now a real necessity in the construction of a prayer hall has appeared.

The old hall is collapsing every day and there is not enough space for all the monks.

Therefore, we can not come together to conduct daily prayers.

I appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the monks.

Construction of the new Dharma Hall is costly and the monks, without your help,

will not be able to implement it.

You can help by becoming a sponsor of any part of the Dharma Hall.

For example: statues, thangkas, library with ancient texts, landscaping (trees, flowers, etc.)

or make any donation to the "General Fund" of the project.


The monks will  pray daily for your well-being and health.”


 Geshe Lobsang Soepa




We have purchased a plot of land for construction of a new prayer hall. However, we still need funds to complete this project which afterwards will become an important center for study and practice.


Please consider making a donation today.


We thank you for every your generosity which will allow the young monks to accomplish their dream – a spacious prayer hall.




Please, visit the donation page.



If you want to become a sponsor and help the monks realize their cherished dream -

to study in the spacious Dharma Hall, which will accommodate all the monks,

please write us to e-mail: geshelobsangsoepa@gmail.com ( English / Russian )

and we will answer to all your questions regarding this project.

Our projects manager:

Iuliia Kapranova