The monks spend many hours studying; and good health is critical to their quality education. The monks get all their meals from their community kitchen. Breakfast consists of a flatbread and salty Tibetan tea, lunch includes vegetables, bread, sometimes rice, and dinner – rice and Tibetan noodle soup (tukpa).


Food Provision Project

  Because the monastery was created to maintain and distribute the teachings of Buddha, no visitor may be turned away. Most monks have no money; therefore, the monastery increasingly faces the challenge of providing the monks with food and making sure that they stay healthy.

The purpose of this project is to provide the Ganden monks with a healthy diet.

  Today, the monastery is home to 5,500 monks. Every year, about 150 more monks come here from Tibet, Mongolia, Tibetan Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, Himalayan Region and Tibetan settlements in India.

The food provision project is launched to make sure that the monastery always has enough reserve funds to have sufficient food stocks even in crisis. The founders of the Project plan to raise enough money to pay food expenses.

  This will guarantee continuous availability of food for the monks, even with standing unfavourable economic situation in the region.


You may donate any amount, and we appreciate even small help.

Please write us a letter specifying your name so that the monks can mention you in their prayers.


Thank you very much for your support!