Dewatsang Center together with Gaden Jangtse Hardong Khangtsen runs a programme of regular weekly pujas that everyone is welcome to request a special protection. Sometimes, however, special circumstances call for special pujas to be conducted. Perhaps you would like your new office or house to be blessed? Or perhaps a relative of yours is facing a particularly difficult obstacle that they need some extra help to overcome?


In situations like these when you need extra help, Gaden Jangtse Hardong Khangtsen's monks can arrange for specially commissioned pujas that supplicate the help of a particular enlightened being, to be conducted at the Hardong Khangtsen.


All sponsorships* of these pujas go to covering the cost of conducting the puja, purchase of the offering items. 


Sponsors of these ‘special request’ pujas will be notified of the date and time when their puja will be held.



     * The cost of each puja will be calculated individually,

        depending on the complexity of the situation,

        needs of the sponsors’  and the gravity of the obstacle.