Also called Green Tara Puja, the Praises to the 21 Taras are a powerful and effective prayer to Mother Tara.
Each one of the twenty-one Taras represents a different aspect of the wisdom energy of mother Tara. That is why the recitation of the praises to the 21 Taras fulfills all wishes, be it for success in life, or in business, to be free of fear, to have a child.


Green Tara is one of the most popular and beloved deities in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She is known to quickly remove the many inner and external obstacles to our worldly success and spiritual development, helping us to accomplish our goals.

On a worldly level, the Green Tara practice has helped people recover from disease, receive protection from untimely death, achieve success in career and business, find a job, find a partner, and increase wealth. On a spiritual level, the Green Tara puja helps one complete the accumulation of both merit and wisdom and quickly attain enlightenment.


It is especially recommened in all family matters, but also for general success.