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Lifetime horoscope

Astro-Science of Natal Horoscope

This astrological reading reveals everything about your life from birth to death. The position and arrangement of the planets and constellations during the exact time of your birth is carefully accessed using ancient Tibetan system of arithmetic and a corresponding astrological interpretation is cast regarding various aspects of your life for example, health, prosperity, family, friends, spouse, children, career, education and luck. You will also get astrological readings of the effects of the planets on phases of your lifespan. There are other useful readings about your favorable days, colour and cautionary years and the remedies to overcome the obstacle, along with descriptions about your personality, previous life forms and your astrological deity. It remains a custom in the Tibetan community to consecrate the statue or thangka of one's astrological deity in order to ensure a good rebirth. In a nutshell, this astrological reading guides you throughout your lifespan with counseling about every aspect of your life. One can choose between casting either a detailed or a brief reading.

The Astrological readings, specially the detailed ones, take some time (from 3 to 6 month)

 to cast because all the calculations are done by the traditional methods

and thus one is requested to put on some

patience and you may well be rewarded with a beneficial reading!!! 


(calculations may take from 5 to 7 month)

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